Naveed Tavakol
UVA Class of 2017 Biomedical Engineering
President, Engineering Student Council
Rodman Scholar

There are only four high-end 3-D bioprinters in the United States. Two of them are here at UVA, and one is in our Biomedical Engineering lab. I’m constantly astonished that undergrads like me have access to this kind of technology.

I can tell you first-hand why the UVA Engineering School is worthy of your support. You are helping make cutting-edge research possible, and for that I thank you. In the next few weeks, I’ll be using the bioprinter to build scaffolding for stem cell based therapies. If it goes well, one day soon I hope to print cells that can assist in the healing of diabetic wounds.

Research is just one of the areas that makes the Engineering School worth supporting.

This semester, I am co-teaching a class on regenerative medicine that is filled with 40 of my peers. I have the opportunity to share what I’ve learned with new students—all because of programs like these and our professors who foster discovery and an entrepreneurial spirit. This opportunity is made possible through the Engineering Student Council’s student taught classes’ initiative and the support of the BME department.

When I graduate this spring, I plan to give back to the Engineering School. The Annual Fund is the best and easiest way to give, because it benefits everything—the professors, the research, and students like me.

I hope you take pride in the Engineering School you are helping to build. Thank you for supporting tomorrow’s engineers.

To see UVA’s BME 3-D bioprinter in action, watch a video HERE and be sure to read all of the latest news HERE. Thank you for helping to make innovation possible.

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