Loria Yeadon
Electrical Engineering, Class of 1985
CEO of Yeadon Intellectual Property
Member, UVA Engineering Board of Trustees

At the core of engineering is exploration—the exploration that stimulates your curiosity to analyzeand solve problems and then bring other people along. No matter what discipline you choose, those skills will serve you and serve the world. When I attended UVA, humanities as part of the core Engineering School curriculum was a novel concept. I remember provocative conversations about the impact of science and technology on the world and our responsibility. That became ingrained in me as a critical component of engineering itself. At UVA, I also remember hard work and stick-to-itiveness and the professors who invested in me. I was given the opportunity to blossom in a supportive environment, and I learned that there’s absolutely nothing I can’t do. Having UVA as my partner changed the trajectory of my life.

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