Lia Cattaneo
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Class of 2016

Lia Cattaneo has a vision of our world with no more worries about climate change.

“My passion is using policy to connect science to solutions for climate change and make them actionable,” Lia says. “The technical, communications and leadership skills I learned at UVA Engineering will be critical to my success in effecting change.”

The Class of 2016 student is a Rodman Scholar and double major in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Environmental Sciences. She participated in the Engineering School’s Science and Technology Policy Internship Program, and she is a member of the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society and the Chi Epsilon Civil Engineering Honor Society.

Lia is also the 2015-2016 winner of a national Truman Scholarship, and after graduation will be a Truman-Albright Fellow at the U.S. Department of Transportation, working to reduce emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change.

“UVA Engineering produces well-rounded, engineering leaders,” she says. “Beyond our technical knowledge, we are armed with persuasive writing skills, a deep understanding of policy implications and the ability to evaluate ethical issues.”

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