Kristopher Rawls
Ph.D. Student, Biomedical Engineering, Class of 2020

I am most passionate about learning how biological systems work together in the body. For me, a major “a-ha” moment came from my interactions with other members of my lab. I have one lab partner who studies antibiotic resistance. Listening to him present his research was inspiring, because it allowed me to see that our work in the lab has a direct impact on life. This is when I realized that I was an engineer, and that what I did mattered. Outside the biomedical engineering department, I also serve as vice chair of the National Society of Black Engineers. I love the experience of strategic planning and working with teams to grow our membership and strengthen our leaders. Inside the department, graduate students and professors from different labs similarly collaborate to help fund their ground-breaking research. UVA has equipped us to make the world better by providing and sustaining this collaborative atmosphere.

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