New Thornton Society Levels Announced!

New Thornton Society Levels Announced – Letter from UVA Engineering Alumna Kathryn Harris (Aero ’02)

New Thornton Society Levels Announced – Letter From UVA Engineering Alumna Kathryn Harris (Aero ’02) This Fall, new Thornton Society levels were announced – thanks to […]

Naveed Tavakol

Naveed Tavakol UVA Class of 2017 Biomedical Engineering President, Engineering Student Council Rodman Scholar There are only four high-end 3-D bioprinters in the United States. Two […]

Loria Yeadon

Loria Yeadon Electrical Engineering, Class of 1985 CEO of Yeadon Intellectual Property Member, UVA Engineering Board of Trustees At the core of engineering is exploration—the exploration […]

Sarah Bauer

Sarah Bauer Ph.D Student, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Class of 2018 M.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Class of 2015 Aa engineers, we can do so […]

Kristopher Rawls

Kristopher Rawls Ph.D. Student, Biomedical Engineering, Class of 2020 I am most passionate about learning how biological systems work together in the body. For me, a […]

Lia Cattaneo

Lia Cattaneo Civil and Environmental Engineering Class of 2016 Lia Cattaneo has a vision of our world with no more worries about climate change. “My passion […]

Rachel Kumar

Rachel Kumar Chemical Engineering, Class of 2016 “Look around the room, at the products you use every day,” says Rachel Kumar. “Have you ever considered how […]

Haibo Dong and Ayodeji Bode-Oke

Haibo Dong, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Ayodeji Bode-Oke Ph.D. Student, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Class of 2019 The flight patterns of hummingbirds and […]

Ben Matthews

Ben Matthews Systems & Information Engineering Minor in Engineering Business Class of 2017 I am passionate about solving problems, and the School of Engineering has provided […]

Yaselly Vanessa Sanchez

Yaselly Vanessa Sanchez Mechanical Engineering Class of 2018 When I came to UVA, I was planning to head into the orthopedic/prosthetic field. That all changed, however, […]

Emily McDuff

Emily McDuff Civil Engineering and French Class of 2016 I traveled to Delhi, India, this past January to study water pollution in the Yamuna River. Our […]