University of Virginia Engineering Foundation


The University of Virginia Engineering Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, aids and promotes, by financial assistance and otherwise, all aspects of engineering and applied science education and research at the University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science.

The foundation began as the brainchild of five alumni in 1948 "to assist the engineering faculty in maintaining a high type of student body and an up-to-date curriculum and to keep the school informed as to alumni endeavors and achievements." The foundation was established as an independent, tax-exempt organization in 1953, with a board of directors. Today, the foundation is proud to continue strengthening bonds with the School’s devoted and diverse group of supporters, including students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff, and corporate and community partners.


Craig Benson
Craig Benson
Pete Bertone
Chip Blankenship
Ken Bronfin
Nancy Callahan
Randy Daniel
Justin Dean
Gulu Gambhir
David Gee
Mark Gogolewski
Ruth Haile
Adam Harrell
Kathryn Harris
Sid Harrison
Dave Heacock
Archie Holmes
Bill Huyett Jr.
Brian Jackson
Alton Keel
Todd Kennedy
Patti Melcher
Dave Miller
Fran O'Sullivan
Dave Perry
Steve Raber
John Stokely
Bill Talbert
Paul Voigt
Steve Wadsworth
Loria Yeadon

BS Lehigh'85, MS/PHD UT-Austin'89
BS ChE 1980 (PhD ChE Princeton)
PhD MS 1992
BS ME 1979, MS ME 1980
BS EE 1981 President
BS SIE 1982, MBA Darden 1984
BS ChE 1981, MBA Darden 1986
BS MAE 2001 (MBA Northwestern)
BS Aero 1990
BS ChE 1976
BS AM 1992, MS EP 1992
BS CE 1979
BA History A&S 1979
BS MAE 2002
BS ME 1975
BS NE 1979
BS EE 1977, MBA Darden 1982
JD Law 1993
BS Aero 1966, PhD Physics 1970
BS ChE 1996
BS SE 1982
BS EE 1981
BS EE 1980
BS Duke, MS GW
Parent 2012
BS CE 1975, MS CE 1976
BS CE 1970, MBA Darden 1974
BS EE 1981
BS SE 1984
BS EE 1985

Dean, UVA School of Engineering
Senior Vice President, Strategy&
President & CEO, GE Appliances
Associate Dean for Finance & Mgt., UVA School of Engineering
President, Hearst Corporation
Chief of Staff, SAP Business Network Group
President and Owner, Seaboard Concrete Products
Partner, Boston Consulting Group
Executive Vice President & CTO, Leidos
Partner & Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group
Co-Owner, Board Director, Tahoe Art Haus and Cinema, Vocareum
Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting
Co-Managing Partner, Harrell & Chambliss LLP
Senior Advisor to the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
CEO & Founder, Industrial TurnAround Corporation
President, Dominion Virginia Power
Vice Provost, Educ Innovation & Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Virginia
Senior Partner & Director, McKinsey & Company
Partner, McGuire Woods LLP
Managing Partner, Atlantic Partners, LLC
Senior Vice President, Capital One Services, LLC
Managing Partner, EIV Capital, LLC
President (Retired), DuPont Electronics & Communication
General Manager, IBM's Global Business Services
Corporate VP and Chief Global Business Development Officer, Northrop Grumman
CEO, Mark 10:27 Investments, LLC
Founder, President & Owner, Cavalier Land Development Corporation
CEO Mid-Atlantic Region, Clark Construction Group LLC
Vice President, Jefferies High Yield Trading, LLC
CEO, TapJoy
CEO, Yeadon IP LLC

Pro Tempore Advisors

John DeMaso
Vince Derr
Jimmy Fang
Mike Garrett
Doug Garson
Glenn McGonnigle
Win Phillips
Peter Quick
Rick Ramsey
Jim Ryan
Vicki Schmanske
Gerry Starsia
Jill Tietjen
Jim Turner
Rob Wadsworth

Parent 2001
BCE 1968, MBA Darden 1973
BS SE 1995
BS Aero 1979, DEX Exec Prog 1997
BS ChE 1978
BS MAE 1984, 2017 Parent
MS Aero 1966, PhD Aero 1968
BS CE 1978
BS AM 1976, Parent 2008
BS ChE 1968
BS AM 1984
PhD Education 2010
BS AM 1976
Parent 1998
BS SE 1982

Chairman of the Board, Summit Publications
Faulconer Construction Company
Exec. VP, C&F Enterprises, Inc.
Director, Airplane Performance (retired), Boeing Commercial Airplane Group
Consultant, Garson Inc.
General Partner, TechOperators, LLC
Executive Chief of Staff, Office of the President, University of Florida
Partner, Burke & Quick Partners, LLC

Senior Counsel, Troutman Sanders LLP
Vice President, Lockheed Martin Corporation
Associate Professor & Executive Director, UVA Curry School Foundation
President & CEO, Technically Speaking, Inc.
Senior Counsel & Director, Assoc. of Public & Land Grant Universities
Managing Director, HarbourVest Partners, LLC