I Can’t Believe They Are Paying Me to Have This Much Fun

The first sign of Professor Jack Davidson’s impact in UVA’s Department of Computer Science is the waiting list to get into his computer security class.  Enrollment […]

Learning to Think About a Problem

What do gaming systems, like Xbox, and high-volume traders have in common? A lot, according to Professor Peter Beling, and one cannot listen to Beling for […]

“Why Did That Happen?” Teaching Them to Teach Themselves

“I couldn’t have become a tenured professor without good mentors,” says Professor Robert Weikle, reflecting on his journey as a student. “Strong high school science teachers […]

Paving the Way for Hypersonic Propulsion

If you think lighting a match on a windy day is hard, consider trying to light the flame in the combustion chamber of a hypersonic jet […]

Engineering with a Human Component

News reports make it abundantly clear that one skill that leaders in the 21st century need is the ability to bridge the cultural gap between the […]

Bringing It All to the Classroom

Giorgio Carta is the Lawrence R. Quarles Professor of Chemical Engineering, and his research is primarily concerned with understanding the fundamental underpinnings of chromatographic processes used […]

“This is it!”

Associate Professor Kevin Janes remembers distinctly what attracted him to engineering in the first place. “I was in high school, and I was torn between math […]

Learning by Doing: Research Experience for Undergraduates

No one ever fell in love with engineering by reading a textbook. Knowing this, many Engineering School faculty members welcome undergraduates into their labs each summer […]
Hossein Haj-Hariri and Pam Norris at UVa Aerospace Laboratory

UVA Engineering Professor Named University of South Carolina Engineering Dean

Hossein Haj-Hariri, distinguished researcher, professor and recent chair of the University of Virginia Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, has been named dean of the University of South Carolina College of Engineering and Computing.
Houston Wood, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, UVa

UVA Engineering in the News: MAE Professor Offers Expertise on Nuclear Power

Houston Wood, University of Virginia professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, provided expertise on the potential benefits of nuclear power in an interview with public radio broadcaster WVTF/Radio IQ.
Jason Beverage photo

Managing $29B: Alumnus to speak on power of data, technology

Jason Beverage, an Electrical Engineering graduate of the University of Virginia School of Engineering and Chief Investment Officer for Two Sigma Advisors, will lead a guest lecture entitled "Systematic Investment Management: Demonstrating the Power of Data and Technology to Manage $29B." All faculty and students are invited to attend.
Kamin Whitehouse Edited for WP

Researchers Aim for Smarter People, Not Smarter Thermostats

The next generation of thermostats could help reduce energy consumption by combining their technology with some timely human coaching, UVA researchers report.