The State of The School

The Engineering School is assembling the requisite faculty and facilities to become one of the nation’s elite engineering schools. The construction of Wilsdorf, Rice, and Lacy […]

The University’s Best Undergraduates

Our goal at the Engineering School is not simply to convey knowledge; it is to give students the skills and insights they need to shape that […]

An Energized Graduate Program

The Engineering School has developed a comprehensive model of graduate education, one that aligns closely with the principles that shape the undergraduate experience. Accordingly, we now […]

Partnerships Fuel Research

Although both economic stimulus and sequestration have affected year-to-year totals, the School’s overall trend in research awards has been positive. In 2001–02, the School secured $37.9 […]

A Growing, Dynamic Faculty

The growth of the Engineering School and the retirement of senior faculty will mean that more than half of the faculty in 2020 will have been […]

Undergraduate Engineer’s Research Leads to New Career Path

“I’ve always been interested in electronics and hardware,” says fourth-year engineering student Emilio Esteban. “U.Va. just gave me this really big opportunity to improve on my […]
Elise interned at the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology as part of the Engineering School’s Policy Internship Program. She was also the inaugural recipient of the Belinda and Chip Blankenship Scholarship. This award helps U.Va. undergraduate engineering students pursue graduate studies in materials science.

Turning Intellectuals Into Engineers

A hallmark of the U.Va. undergraduate engineering program is that it takes in scholars and turns them into engineers over four years. U.Va. first-year engineering students […]

Michael Douglas—Undergraduate Student

Michael Douglas has always been interested in computer graphics and a fan of digital art, so it was no surprise that he enjoyed Associate Professor Jason […]

Kevin Eisenfrats—Making Sure All Pets Are Wanted

Biomedical engineering students are bright, curious, and, most of all, inventive. But as nanomedicine engineering student Kevin Eisenfrats (ES ’15) notes, “Most great ideas for products […]

J. Scott Remer and Professor Garrick Louis—Colleagues and Mentors

J. Scott Remer (SIE ’16) has always been interested in teaching. In fact, it was an important reason he decided to pursue a doctorate. But with […]

Gina O’Neil—Undergraduate Student

Gina O’Neil (’15) loves the real-world applicability of civil engineering. “It’s so important right now to have good civil engineers, because of things like climate change […]