First Year U.Va. Engineers Find Musical Inspiration

What made your first year of college unique? What memory or experience shaped that year and perhaps made you re-think your area of study? For U.Va. […]

Hoos Flying to International Success

When speaking with students on the Virginia Aero Design/HOOS Flying team, one hears a common theme: this is perhaps the only opportunity to apply aerospace engineering […]

Electric Car? We Can Build That!

Have you considered purchasing an electric car? Come to the U.Va. Engineering School – our students are building one. Working under the direction of Sebring Smith, […]

U.Va. Appoints New Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science: Craig H. Benson

The University of Virginia announced that Craig H. Benson has been selected as the 13th dean of the University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied […]

Spacecraft Design Class:  To Infinity and Beyond!

The spacecraft design class at UVa is going into space! Professor Christopher Goyne’s class is collaborating with NASA to send a cosmic ray probe into the […]

Mechanical Engineers Design a Martian Rover

One imagines NASA as a place populated by aerospace engineers feverishly designing satellites, space probes, and interplanetary landers. Actually NASA crowdsources design concepts from universities through […]

Building an Off-Road Vehicle from the Wheels Up

Your task is to design, plan, build, test, promote, and race a Baja mini car and have your car accepted for manufacture by a fictitious firm. […]

UVA Dedicates Lacy Hall


Experiential Learning Flourishes at Lacy Hall

The past five years have seen rapid growth of the School’s experiential learning programs, supported in large measure by Linwood A. “Chip” Lacy Jr. and his […]

4th-Year Research Launches Undergrad Towards Grad School

One of the hallmarks of UVa Engineering is the 4th-Year capstone project—a year-long opportunity for students to immerse themselves in a research project and report on […]

Classroom Theory and Real Steel Come Together in Bridge Construction Contest

Interative design and development is a fundamental engineering concept. Nowhere is this more evident than on the Civil Engineering steel bridge team, which annually competes in […]