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Philanthropy Report 2013-2014

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New People – New Ideas

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Unbound – Spring 2014

UVA Students Build 3D-Printed 2D Printers

These programmable plotters are the result of the University of Virginia’s mechatronics program. Students built all of the plotters’ plastic components using uPrint 3D printers from […]

The Rolls-Royce Partnership A Model for the Future

The latest generation of jet engines can produce more than 100,000 pounds of thrust — but that force pales in comparison to the industry pressure to […]
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UNBOUND – Fall 2013


Michael Terrell: Finding His Way at the University

• Host of U.Va. Grads Choose Service to Community and Country Michael Terrell embraces contradiction. Classically trained as a pianist beginning at age 4, he ran track […]
BioMedical Engineering, UVa.

Virtual Bacteria Shed Light on Cystic Fibrosis Infections

The two species of bacteria are genetically similar – both contagious, both drug-resistant, both preying upon people with cystic fibrosis or weakened immune systems – yet […]

What Jefferson Would Have Made If He Had Lego

This amazing Lego Rotunda is the work of fourth-year student Thomas Lockwood, a mechanical and aerospace engineering major in the School of Engineering and Applied Science. […]

U.Va. Student Project to Aid Zambian Disabled Children Earns Davis Prize

A passion for helping disabled children has led three University of Virginia undergraduates to develop a program for teachers in Zambia, a country that has no […]

U.Va. Undergrads Track Foot Traffic to Make Study Areas More Accessible

The University of Virginia Faculty Senate and Center for Undergraduate Excellence recently announced the recipients of the 2014 Harrison Undergraduate Research Awards. To mark the announcement, […]

Secrets of Dragonflies

Taking his cues from nature, a University of Virginia aerospace engineer and his team are studying winged insects for inspiration in designs for flying microrobots, a.k.a. […]